Work Ethic and Bureaucratic Culture

Nahot Tua Parlindungan Sihaloho(1Mail), Herri Junius Nge(2),
(1) Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, Universitas Tanjungpura, Pontianak,, Indonesia
(2) Faculty of Social Science and Political Science, Universitas Tanjungpura, Pontianak,, Indonesia

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People who are developed are people who are able to appreciate the order in various activities in their lives, as well as in carrying out daily work such as having ethical values associated with work ethics such as diligent, hard working, high discipline, restraint, resilient, resilient , perseverance and other ethical values can also be found in other people and nations. In the current era of autonomy, coupled with the rapid advancement of science of the Government Bureaucracy, strong foundations of state administration are needed as a buffer. To carry out an increasingly broad and complex function, the government sector certainly requires a variety of adequate resources. Along with the process of expanding the function and role of the government apparatus, there has also been an increasing "expectation / demand" from the people (the public), especially those related to the work ethic. Work ethic is a basic value of morality that can provide mental and spiritual impetus for a bureaucratic apparatus to be able to excel in carrying out his profession.


governance; human resource; work ethic


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