Teacher recruitment carried out aims to find teachers who have the potential and ability as well as quality so that they can improve the quality of education in schools. Quality education will greatly require qualified teachers, because teachers are the spearhead of the success of an education. In connection with this, to be a teacher requires high motivation which is more than just motivation to fulfill basic needs. Besides motivation, another thing that is absolutely necessary for a teacher is good teacher education or preparation in the field of education, so that teachers have adequate professionalism and competence in carrying out their duties consisting of: pedagogical competencies, professional competencies, social competencies and personality competencies, so that teachers have good performance and are able to face various challenges that arise in the implementation of their professional duties. However, a number of questions related to the teacher emerged, namely how to prepare the teacher to be able to provide the provision of competencies that the teacher must have? What is the expected teacher performance? and will the certification program be effective and succeed in spurring teacher performance in carrying out their duties? The answer can be discussed in this paper which concludes that the certification program can be an effective program if: 1). Certified teachers have gotten good preparation so they have the competence as expected. 2). The teacher has satisfaction in fulfilling his physiological needs. But if the needs of the teacher as a creature are only dominated by physiological needs, all other needs will be empty or pushed backward (Maslow, 1943).


Government Policy; Motivation; Professionalism; Competence; Certification