The title of this research is An educational perspective is an Analysis of Facial Expressions on Joking Internet  at the Social Media. The objective of this research was the Analysis of Facial Expressions, that involves : “Derp Face”, “Derpina Face”, “Troll Face”, “Fuuuu Face”, “Forever Alone”, “LOL Face”, “Me Gusta Face”, “Okay Face”, and “Poker Face”  the limited on the research only took the Data Febuary 2017. The design of this research was descriptive research. This method used to get the description about facial expressions by analyzing, interpreting and concluding. After that the researcher analyzed the data, so the researcher concluded that the Analysis of Facial Expressions on Internet such as: 1)“Derp Face” indicating neutral expression, 2)“Derpina Face” indicating neutral expression, 3)“Troll Face” indicating feel glad, 4)“Fuuuu Face” indicated that someone feels angry, 5)“Forever Alone” indicated that someone feels sad, and Alone,  6)“LOL Face” indicated that someone feels glad, 7)“Me Gusta” indicated that someone feels like, 8)“Okay Face” indicated someone feels sad, 9)“Poker Face” indicated that someone feels no specific emotion. And the last, the researcher suggested that the study about semiotics is supposed to give understanding and knowledge about signs. The results of this research could be as a reference about how to analysis facial expressions could analysis by eyebrows, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and skin. This research is also supposed to be a reference  for the next researcher as well.


Facial Expression; Internet Jokes; Social Media