Innovation of History Learning through Comic

Hera Hastuti(1Mail), Zafri Zafri(2), Zul Asri(3),
(1) State University of Padang, Indonesia
(2) State University of Padang, Indonesia
(3) State University of Padang, Indonesia

Mail Corresponding Author
Copyright (c) 2019 Hera Hastuti, Zafri Zafri, Zul Asri



The material of history learning is essentially abstract, because it examines the events happened in the past and it also requires the right medium to visualize it. The comics about history is one of the media that are able to address historical events in the hand of students, thus the objectives of history learning can be completely achieved. The comic books are familiarly called as the first step realization in improving the students’ reading interest towards history books, particularly on middle and high school students. With regard to this issue, the recent article specifically addresses the use of comics in learning history for senior high school students. This project is a kind of research development employing Research and Development method. It is believed that learning history by using comic books will be able to improve the students’ understanding of history. In addition, the history learning becomes no longer tedious learning. The efficacy of comic as a pedagogical tool is proven to be able to improve the effectiveness and practicability in history learning.


Comics; innovation; effectiveness.

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