This article is intended to determine the decision making tactics of women futsal goalkeepers. The method is used is observational by doing observations directly in the Indonesian Futsal Nusantara League. This event was held at Sasana Krida Building at Purwokerto Central Java. The population in the study are 8 women goalkeepers from the clubs who are in the biggest of the fourth. The results as follows: The profile of Indonesian women's futsal goalkeeper decision making in the 2019 Nusantara League illustrates that the most tactical action in goalkeeper decision making is when the ball is on the opposing team, the goalkeeper must always look for gaps in order to see the ball 122 times (47.1%), When the ball is at the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper throws a short ball to the defender as much as 81 (42.21%), the goalkeeper stops the ball with his hand, when the ball comes in the area behind his defense 88 times (37.15%), when the corner kicks on the side left or right side, the goalkeeper instructs the player to cover as many goals as possible on his left or right side 76 times (31.40%), and when weak shots from opponents the goalkeeper tries to capture with both hands 57 (30.01%.


Decision making, Indonesian women goalkeepers, Futsal