Silangit Airport Development Strategy In Supporting Improved Economic Growth Of Tourism Sector In North Sumatra

Ihsan Effendi(1), Lubis Musika(2), Ahmad Rizki Harahap(3Mail),
(1) Faculty of Economics, University of Medan Area, Medan,, Indonesia
(2) Faculty of Economics, University of Medan Area, Medan,, Indonesia
(3) Faculty of Economics, University of Medan Area, Medan,, Indonesia

Mail Corresponding Author
Copyright (c) 2019 Ihsan Effendi, Lubis Musika, Ahmad Rizki Harahap



This study aims to demonstrate Silangit empires on airport development in supporting economic growth in the tourism sector in the region of northern Sumatra. Factors to be variable in this study is the number of carriers, the number of tourists, the number of unemployed and the rate of economic growth. The statistical methods used in this research is multiple linear regression with a significance level of 5%. Based on the results of hypothesis testing can be concluded that the number of an airline, the number of tourists and the number of unemployed can be a positive and significant influence on economic growth. next to the strategies used in the development of Silangit airport is to increase the rating, Services.


: GDP, Airlines, Traveler, Unemployment


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