The Quadro Helix Perspective: Micro Small Medium Enterprises Development (MSMEs) in Boyolali Regency

Endang Wirjatmi Trilestari(1Mail), Heny Handayani(2),
(1) STIA LAN Bandung, Indonesia
(2) STIA LAN Bandung, Indonesia

Mail Corresponding Author
Copyright (c) 2019 Endang Wirjatmi Trilestari, Heny Handayani



The Quadro helix concept is used in the innovations for economic development. The Quadro helix elements include the government as an innovator and facilitator to facilitate the growth of business opportunities, the business as entrepreneurs, and the civil society as a source of labor, service users, innovation developers and academics as laboratories that have not run well. Meanwhile, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) is a business unit of creativity and innovation that created to mobilize the economy. Boyolali's potential develops with its MSMEs in the village. In terms of Village Development Index (IPD) are 215 developing villages, namely 45 independent villages and one underdeveloped village. This has become a problem because empowering the village economy did not optimal. Referring to the regional superior potential and IPD, Boyolali Regency requires strengthening capacity especially those related to MSMEs. Total of 26,210 MSMEs and 1,103 MSMEs spread across 19 districts in all districts that are under various conditions at Boyolali Regency. This research was conducted a descriptive method by looking at the roles and conditions of various MSMEs. The results indicate the lack of the role of educational institutions or academics in participating of developing MSMEs.


The Quadro helix, civil society, government, business, academic

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